Meet our 2017 Scholarship winners.
Rachael Elizabeth Barber and Jessica Marie Hunley.
Rachael Barber is going to Rio Grande to study Physical Therapy which is close to her heart due to an injury as a freshman.

Jessica Hunley is at Asbury studying Bio Chemistry. She wishes to work in pediatrics to help children.

Our class will be well represented by these two. Please remember them as they get settled in their new lives. We wish them well as they are preparing for their careers.
If you have not been able to donate to our scholarship fund this year please do not forget. The recipients are so very thankful! Some would not have been able to go at all! Their parents are so relieved to see their children will get to go on to college. Remember, our recipients are from families who need help to send their children on to school.

If we do not get more classmenbers to contribute this could be our last year to show our young people that there are AHS alumni who care about them. Remember our class is the only class to do this. Let us be remembered for this kind of heart for our graduates and our school.

Please share! You will truly help someone to reach their goals. Times are hard but we need to care for others. This is great for them and will give you a great deal of satisfaction.

Thanks to those who are so faithful!!!! There are a few who give each year and some who give twice. Please join them......
Make checks out to "Class of 1961"
Send checks to:
Nancy Kazee
3321 Leffingwell Ct
Ashland, KY 41102
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