Class Meetings
As you can see we have great meetings. We have a little bit of business and a lot of talking and fun!

We nearly always meet at Giovanni's Pizza on Blackburn Avenue on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Come and join us. You won't be sorry!

Come and get your picture on this page! Probably a dream come true! Ha! Ha!

If you live away from here and are coming to Ashland for a visit let us know and we'll try to arrange a meeting so you can join us.

Just call Sheila Horgen Rice at 606-571-4934. She is our hardworking meeting planner.

Seriously, we miss you.
Class Meetings
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55th Class Reunion
1961 State Basketball Champs
We had a special meeting at the Highlands Museum in the "Parsons" Building downtown to see their basketball display . We had a great time and enjoyed seeing the display of our area ball teams from years past. They have a fine room for our meeting to discuss plans our 55th reunion coming up in September and enjoyed pizza, chips and cookies too!!!

Attending was Carole Barbour Wellman, Beverly Vannatter Nall, Nancy Kazee, Sam Huston, Dale Sexton, Linda Huffman, Carol Rice Allen, Sheila Horgen Rice, and Sharon Horgen McDonald.